Saturday, March 06, 2010

Crochet, here I come!

Thursday night I learned to crochet. At least for the time being, I know how to single crochet, double crochet, and granny square. Very exciting! I've been wanting to learn for several years and am so glad that I now have a weekly opportunity to get help if needed (sorry & thanks, Kim!).

I'm envisioning myself crocheting blankets, baby stuff, and edgings for knitted items. After knitting a swatch and square, I think I'm ready to start my first real project.

I've decided to crochet a baby blanket from the Lion Brand website [someone's pretty pic here.] I went to Jo-Ann tonight and bought crochet hooks, a learn-to-crochet book that has great color illustrations and useful instructions, and purple, dark rose, and light pink Wool-Ease yarn. I'm going to use three colors instead of four and hope the combination looks nice.

I also bought a few other things: another ball of Rose Heather yarn so I can make a scarf to match my Ravelympics hat, a darning needle set, and button pins. The little container that holds my tapestry needles is cracked and I'll use the pins (don't have a little kink in the bottom) when I make the second of Dennis's socks.

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Julie said...

that's awesome! I'm such a crochet newbie, I'm always really inspired when other crochet.