Thursday, May 26, 2011

Been knitting


Here's the blanket as of lunchtime today. I'm on row 2 of repeat 2 of Chart F (that means I only have a few rounds until I start the knitted-on edging!).

I bought an extra skein of yarn so I wouldn't have to worry about running out but still got nervous when I had to begin my 3rd-to-last skein a few rows ago.

The blanket is GIGANTIC now and I didn't check my gauge so I was worried the border would eat up a ton of yarn. I asked in the Brooklyn Tweed group and another Raveler assured me that she knitted a larger version of the Girasole blanket and her border still took less than one skein of Cascade 220. That means I should be fine! ::phew::

Baby Sweater
(See previous post)

I swatched yesterday for my Maile Sweater, but think the needles may have been in the wrong slot of my case.

I used #2 needles (gauge = 6.75 sts/inch) and #4 needles (gauge = 7 sts/inch) and washed the swatch before I measured. This seems wrong, doesn't it?

The suggested gauge for my yarn (Ella Rae Lace Merino) is 6.5 sts/inch and the pattern, which only comes in one size, calls for 6 sts/inch. Even if the needles really were #2 and #4, I'll have to do some math to make sure I'll have enough yarn for the sweater.

ETA: Decided to knit the Sunnyside Cardigan with this yarn.


Julie said...

Your Girasole is looking beautiful!!

Susan B. said...

I love your Girasole, but I'm still totally not brave enough to tackle one myself! ;)